Smokepedia … Really?

While reading through new Federal grant opportunities I saw one for “Smokepedia”. Even though this is a continuation award to the university that created it (University of Idaho), I couldn’t help from being sidetracked. Could there really be an encyclopedia for smoke? Was there that much to say about the topic? Apparently so!

It is a very cool tool designed to help fire fighters, especially those fighting wildfires. There is a lot of information about air pollutants as well. It is a pretty nifty little site and includes several reputable citations for each entry. This actually looks like it could be a great science resource. Or, if you like to read random information to feed that lust for knowledge, right up your nerd alley.

Example Entry: Ammonia (NH3)
Ammonia (NH3) can bind with nitric and sulfuric acids in the atmosphere to form fine Particulate Matter, which is classified as Criteria Pollutant by the Environmental Protection Agency. Source is the EPA websites.

Oh I can see myself spending a bit too much time here. So I better go. Try not to get addicted.



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