Reading Tree

I recently subbed at an elementary school and I had library time with my class. At the last minute I decided to bring my camera to the job to take pictures of the library. I thought it might be good to start a file on what the different school libraries looked like for ideas. I’m glad I did. Inside the library on a large wall was this tree.

Bloom Tree

The tree breaks the plane of the wall and creeps out onto the carpet. The leaves are filled with standardsand goals created by teachers after a training supported through a grant. What I saw in this tree is the potential to encourage children to read. What if a teacher, school librarian, or youth public librarian created a tree with each student filling in a leaf on a book that he or she read? Think of the tree growing larger and larger over the course of the year. Small acorns turn into large oak trees, and a single book read after another book fills the tree of knowledge.

What other ways could a tree be used to encourage children to learn and grow?



Forestville ES, Fairfax, VA.


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